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We'll explain our current business and ordering policies on this page.Outsourced recruitment services continue to gain traction in the Europe, USA & other part of the world. Customers are drawn to RPO for its cost savings and process realignment.

Solutions to have Talented Resources for your growing business needs:

Active Sourcing: Give us the mandate/Job Description of the Talented Resources /professionals you are looking out for your business growth & to address your business needs. We will search for candidates as per your job requirements and screen resumes on job boards, paid or free, where you have subscribed as a member. You will authorize us to use your subscription account and give us your job specifications, criteria, must have skills and other parameters. We shall provide you with matching candidates within the proximity & from your competition in shortest time span who have their presence on job boards. Our smart E-recruiters will ensure that you get Talented Resources/profiles on-time to further save your hiring time. This benefits you to stay ahead of your competition by leaving your recruitment to us & focus on more core issues.

Passive Sourcing: Want to get those professionals who are not on any job boards? We shall do the same with our Experienced & Talented Sourcing Team. This is our expertise

Name Search: Do you want to head hunt people from your competition? Tell us and we shall get their names for you in shortest span which will boost your business revenues as competition& man is the best fit for any growing business concerns.

Lead Generation - We search for positions other companies have advertised on the internet. You tell us about your lead generation needs. We will search and compile such information to enable you to map a market by skill, qualification, profession, region, industry segment etc. so you may market your services more accurately to your client and other prospect companies. We will research and gather all available information and compile it in a database or spreadsheet. This will help you to understand their current hiring needs; allow you to predict future needs; investigate a new market sector and open up new doors for your sales team.


Resume Screening: Based on the mandates given by our clients our e-recruitment team screens profiles & provide you with Talented Resources - matching to your business needs to shorten your recruitment cycle.

Job Posting: We provide job posting service to save your time and improve productivity. Jobs are posted manually. You free up valuable time so that you can focus your efforts on recruiting functions. You provide us with all the basic information, job title, geographic location, skills required, job type, job reference number and description. We will post your job requirements on job boards where you have subscribed or free job boards and user groups, and your corporate website where ever you specify. Let we take care of your job posting so you can focus on more important things - like recruiting. Our job posting service is very cost effective.

Response & Information management: You may advertise/publish your resource requirements in Electronics/Print media & leave the rest to us. We provide you with the MIS of suitable profiles received for your advertisements from those thousands of mail. This will save your time to have right professionals on board wherein you can continue focusing on your core business. We manage information of all your valuable databases with data keying in & management services .

Background screening: Shortlisted a profile? We Offer screening & verification of shortlisted profiles to know the facts mentioned by the job seeker. This helps to reduce the employer risk arising from new hires.

Market Research: Our Marketing team will do the market research to validate the future of your offerings & products in given territory. We help you to promote your services/products in your market. We provide you with MIS of competitor products, market share & commercials to make your offerings more

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